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    Welcome to Beary Kids!  We’re glad you found our online boutique and we thank you for stopping by.  We are dedicated to finding the best fashionable items, delivering great products and great customer service.

    Beary Kids was founded to bring you unique baby, toddler, and kids fashion essentials at affordable prices. We are based out of North Carolina and we ship directly from manufacturers all over the world to keep our prices affordable for you.  

    We were initially inspired to start our boutique by the lack of little boys clothes in the big box stores.  When we found out we were expecting our first child, a baby boy, we were underwhelmed while out searching for new baby clothes and essentials. The girls departments were hands down three times as big as the boys.  That really led us to start expanding our search worldwide for more children’s fashion.  

    We want to give you time back and take away the hassle of searching through shopping racks for great finds. We also want you to find cute, fashionable items at a fraction of the cost. ¬†After all, our little ones grow so quickly. ¬†We are always busy adding new products from various suppliers to stay on top of current trends so we encourage you to visit our store frequently to purchase new finds. ¬†We personally¬†select products we believe in and would purchase for our family and friends. ¬†We hope you enjoy browsing our boutique and we thank you ‚Äúbeary‚ÄĚ much for¬†shopping with us.

    We also love hearing from you!  Get in touch with your comments and questions at

    Follow us on social media @bearykids on both Facebook and Instagram to keep up with new products, promotions and the many things that inspire us.  It might just inspire you.