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    Top 5 (REAL) Mommy Bloggers

    Top 5 (REAL) Mommy Bloggers

    Finding the down to earth, true to nature, and all around truth sayers of the mommy blog world can be hard to come by. This could be because, some simply shadow over what “the real” world of motherhood is like. In this case, here are 5 of the best mommy blogs who are keeping it real one post at a time. We thank you! 

    1.) Pregnant Chicken 


    Amy Morrison may just become a personal hero to many. In a recent post of Morrison’s addressing “When You Aren’t Loving Every Minute of Early Motherhood” it becomes easier to breath and believe that as a mom, you are not alone. By addressing the “new mom” questions, seeking answers, and looking for support. Amy hits the nail on the head with addressing the tough questions while keeping a head held high amongst the mess that can come tumbling down. More importantly, Amy Morrison teaches all of us that a preparing for motherhood that mistakes a made and that alone should never defer your own confidence within motherhood.  


    2.) Cool Mom Picks 


    Run by Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase have turned their helpful mommy blog into just that! Helpful! By discussing the best products for your baby and you, and breaking down the barriers of certain products that are costly (basically Liz and Kristen ask the tough question, should you even buy it for throw it out to save money). These two savvy women are no strangers to the world of motherhood, they understand what a budget truly means. So allow them to show you the way! 


    3.) Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures 


    Looking for a good hearty laugh session, look no further. Amber Dusick to the rescue! By going to Dusick’s site you are already met with the series of illustrations gifted to this world by a mom blogger. A mom of two boys and two cats, Dusick records (illustration wise) about her day-to-day life as a parent. Most of the time it seems that Dusick is just as shocked as we are when it comes to encountering what parents will go through even in the most unusually of circumstances, like how grape jelly ended up in various places around the house.  


    4.) The Ugly Volvo 


    Meet Raquel D’Apice a rare mom/comedian (no seriously, this woman has comedy in her bones) who depicts self-deprecating humor with well, milestones of motherhood no one saw coming. Matter of fact that’s the title of D’Apice’s newest book “Welcome to the Club: 100 Parenting Milestones You Never Saw Coming”. Clicking on to D’Apice’s website page, you’ll notice right off the bat an article all too true titled “Filing for Reimbursement of Time Spent Folding Laundry“.  


    5.) Scary Mommy 


    If you have ever been terrified of motherhood, check out Scary Mommy. This blog chronicles every mistake, mishap, and all the insanity in between that happens as a mom. Jill Smokler started this venture which eventually erupted into a community of moms who were not only on the same page but, where wondering why kids are obsessed with certain toys that make no sense. There are a ton of hilarious articles that simply dish out, “Wow, I was thinking the exact same thing, I just didn’t say it out loud”.